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One Bedroom Dune Walk Log Cabin 5x5.7m

Australia has some of the most picturesque arid landscapes with rolling dunes for days. Our 1-bedroom dune walk cabin suits the backyard as well as top of a hill looking out over the landscape. You could have it a just one room or divided into 4 living areas as you can see on the display images. This cabin is an excellent choice if you want a hideaway from the hassle and bustle of the rat race, for when you need to recharge your batteries in private.

With your cabin out in the wild, you have the best hunting platform or just a quiet peaceful place to read that new novel you have been looking forward to. With walls and floor from top quality timber and insulated against the weather your Dune Walk cabin will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

from $20,500


Our expert designers have built this keeping you in mind. It is especially for those instances when you need space for yourself to not only stretch, but also be able to walk with a small glass of wine in hand from one part of the cabin to another and savor the weather or the beautiful Australian landscape. Work can really get to us these days and what we will need is a space for ourselves where we can rewind and rejuvenate. This cabin has been designed in just around the right size for 1-2 individuals with some space for the usual accoutrements to make a few days stay as comfortable as possible.

As always, our cabins have been built with the best possible spruce timber, which is very popular in Australia for its resistance to yearlong weather as well as durability. Insulation duties are taken care of by our double-glazing treatment. Finishes are as per individual requirements and it takes anywhere between 2-4 days to get this up and set for many years of enjoyment.

from $20,270


This is another classic design for those you who want the best of both worlds, as in space inside for those personal moments as well as mini patio to enjoy the weather outside. Think of those moments when summer has just started, and you would like to enjoy the sunrise with your business partner or spouse. Think star gazing on a clear sky and the patio would be just the place to set up a small meal with the moon looking down gently upon you and casting a silver carpet on the surrounding hills or lawn. The choice is all yours to make the best of what this design has to offer.

The customization options are immense for this design as it has adequate space to improvise both on the inside as well as the outside. We can add anywhere between 2-3 sections based on the space preferences. The patio can be modified to hold a motorbike during summers as well. The construction is robust as per our promise and the warranty is for 10 years on workmanship as well as timber. Finishes can be customized as per preference and our expert crew is always there to help you with your queries long after we have set it up for you.

from $24,580

One Bedroom Log Cabin "Heaven" 5.8x5m

With an ample 29m² off floor area the Heaven Log Cabin with insulated floors and roof that is pitched low for a cozy atmosphere. The glass double doors and windows let in the light from outside making it great for enjoying the afternoon sun. the Heaven cabin can be used in the backyard for extra living quarters or can use as a weekend cabin for a break from the “old routine”.

As with all our cabin options, you can order you a cabin in pre-build or as a flat pack log cabin if you want to enjoy building it yourself. This 1-bedroom log cabin is built from quality Spruce timber for long-lasting enjoyment and top-quality living.

from $28,000

One Bedroom Beach House 6x5.2m

For that perfect weekend getaway on a quiet beachfront with that special person, our beach house cabin is the pick of the bunch. With enough space (31m²) for 2 including all, you need for a couple of days of relaxing on the attached porch. Designed to be sunny with preinstalled windows that let the sun and sea breeze flow freely through your cabin. All our cabins are built to last and can be treated with your preferred colour wood sealant.

Our one-bedroom House is perfect for use as a granny flat in the back yard as well. We have heard that many of our client’s teenagers have begged their parents for this cabin just to get out the house… No matter your needs, our one-bedroom cabin with an attached porch will most certainly suit your preference.

from $26,450

Two Bedroom Coast Log House 6x8.87m

Our Coast log cabin has 2 bedrooms and a porch made out of quality Spruce timber. This small log home has ample space with its 6x8.87m² floor area and welcoming open-air feel, which makes it great use as extra living quarters or vacation spot. You can order it in pre-built or flat pack log cabin kits, depending on your requirements. You can divide the interior into separate rooms as you want with our sturdy interlocking dividers.

The construction of this Coast Log house is designed to be strong and durable and can be painted with your preferred wood stain. This log cabin is well suited to be used as guest accommodation or a small log home for you and someone special.

from $63,000

Two Bedroom Sunny Log House 7x10.02m

The Sunny Log House is the largest of our residential log cabins and has an enormous 70m² of usable floor space. This beautiful 2-bedroom wooden cabin is more log home than a cabin. Built with interlocking walls and insulated all around, the Sunny is a homely alternative to bricks and mortar.

You can divide the interior as you please and we will deliver your pre-build log cabin to your property or you can order it flat pack semi-assembled if you want to build your 2-bedroom wooden cabin yourself. The quality Spruce timber in the manufacture of all our log cabins ensures you that your wooden home will last for a very long time to come. The Sunny log cabin has ample space for 2 rooms and has an entrance porch that is perfect for sundowners.

from $80,500

Two Bedroom Family Log House 10.5X8.52M

A firm favourite with our clients, the Family Log House with 2 bedrooms and a beautiful porch area is spacious enough for 4 people all year long. In as little as 4 days you can build your family 2-bedroom log cabin and make a home for your loved ones. Insulated floors and roof with interlocking wall segment the Family 2-bedroom log cabin is a sturdy alternative to traditional home options.

With windows enough to let the sun’s warm rays in and an expertly crafted glass door this 2 bedroom family log home is weather protected against the worst the weatherman can forecast. This log cabin can serve as a family log home or can be used as holiday accommodation overlooking the beautiful scenery.

from $91,600

affordable living comfort

Log Houses Australia has a comprehensive range of expertly build log cabins and homes in various sizes to suit every need. Our experience in design and manufacturing will be clear once you enter your cabin for the first time. Whether you use your cabin as a hideaway for relaxing weekends away or for extra living space for your loved ones, our log cabins will have you sorted in no time at all. Built from the highest quality materials from renewable forest timber we pride ourselves in making each customer feel like the only customer. All you need to do is select your desired cabin and we will get it to you on site in a flash. You can buy your log cabin kit right here from Log Houses Australia.



Log Houses Australia has built our reputation on providing top quality log cabins and homes to our clients. We use our experience in building a 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom cabin to constantly improve our homes and cabins. This same experience also helps your pocket, as our expertise improves, we improve our building methods and make our log cabins more cost-effective and that’s is good news for the ever-increasing demand for more affordable wooden homes. Our product range has every type of log cabin and log home that you could desire, and if you are a DIY enthusiast, we can deliver the whole package in flat pack form. If you just want to enjoy your log home, we can deliver your home to and build it in about 5 days.

The team at Log Houses Australia is a young and vibrant team that is super focused on designing and building log cabins that suit every need and requirement. We only use the best renewable top-quality Spruce timber in the manufacturing of our wooden homes and cabins. Each one of our log cabin designs includes insulated walls and roofs with high-grade windows and glass doors. We even have a team on stand by if you would like to revamp your log cabin or maybe add some features to your new wooden home.