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Log Houses Australia is the perfect fit for those who want to buy land and build a house without breaking the bank.

Our Log Houses have been designed so people can build them in the most remote areas. Our kit homes allow owner builders to use their creativity without trial and errors. Our expertise is in getting your ideas reality, drawn and all pre-cut at the factory then sending your dream retreat flat pack to your site. As easy as that. All pieces numbered. Ready to be assembled. 

This concept will save you. Because we save you all the back and forth trips to your hardware stores. Time is money and labour costs are kept to the minimum...

The team at Log Houses Australia is there to provide you support and will take you through the process. 

You have the option of just buying the kit with all materials required to build the log house or the full package including ALL materials to lock up stage. Ask our friendly staff to give you all the details (color bond roofing, footings etc.)


Sustainable and healthy leaving

Log Houses Australia has an extensive range of wooden cabins. The wood is carefully sourced to meet the FSC strict requirements. FSC is the world's most trusted sustainable forest management solution that adds environmental, social and economic benefits to construction projects. Some benefits of building with sustainable wood logs: Less energy to build; 10% of global CO2 emissions are a result of the production of concrete. 1 ton of concrete = 1 ton of C02. Energy efficient on power; save on your power bills. Heat doesn't pass through the logs and the cabin acts like a thermal battery to store heat during the day and release the energy in the evening, creating an energy efficient home. Most efficient logs are made of spruce...

Consideration of surrounding nature; Owners of log cabins usually see the benefits of respecting their environment. Whether it's a gateway or a long term choice, when you want to give back to nature, choose to stay in a log cabin.




Our customers' reviews Our priority to make you happy

Shane Macken

Great to deal with, always customer oriented and provide a great product at very reasonable prices compared to their competitors.
John Mcmillan

Purchased the cabin & agreed to build myself. First time doing this but with the way cabin was delivered & instructions it’s very easy for a novice.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Loghouses AU to anyone that's thinking of building this way. We were very impressed with the service we received!