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Our Price Promise

We would like to let you know that we are price competitive in the market. This means that if you find something similar for a better price, we are happy to work with you to find you the best deal possible. If you have found a design elsewhere that you really like but cannot find anything similar in our range, please let us know as we have over 200 different models to choose from.

There are many variables that contribute to a price. Our cabins are produced from sustainably sourced timber - for every tree that is cut down, a new one is planted. Our factory is one of the largest and most innovative log houses producing factories in Europe, occupying over 10,000m2 of land for manufacturing facility only.

When it comes to log cabins and houses appearance, layout and design may be similar, but the quality and sustainability is what really counts. Log Houses Australia have the largest range of log cabins in Australia and can build a completely bespoke cabin just for you.

Terms and Conditions of Our Price Promise

To negotiate our pricing, we need to verify the competitor’s product, so we will ask you to provide evidence of the offer such as their website or quote. Once your request is verified, we will present our offer to you.

Due to varying raw material, labour and shipping costs, we may not be able to offer a better deal on a cabin that we have available for immediate delivery. However, we can order the cabin for you directly from our factory to provide you with the highest quality, sustainably sourced cabin at a competitive price.

Exclusions to Our Price Promise

  • Offers which include cash backs, bonuses, or bulk purchases
  • Pricing that has combined delivery or installation
  • Offers that are only available to dealers/distributors or bulk sales
  • Second-hand log houses/cabins, refurbished or display cabins/houses
  • Products shipped directly from overseas, sold on marketplace or auction