Mistakes to avoid when building a log cabin

7 things to consider if you want to avoid mistakes

As wonderful as it is to talk about the many benefits of log cabin living, we do not want to leave the illusion that building a log cabin from scratch will be easy. With this short presentation, we are starting our journey along with you to help plan, design and build your log house.

#1 Planning

Your Log cabin build, like most things in life, requires thoughtful and considerate planning. Transitioning from urban living isn’t hard, but it does require a large dose of common sense and rigorous planning. Think about the type of log cabin you want and the construction method you are going to use.

Buying Log Cabin kit, starting from the scratch or order full construction services – whatever plan you choose, you need to have plan and methods. Usually, we recommend starting form guides. It takes you to step by step through the detailed planning process.

#2 Budget

It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of your log home and forgetting to calculate a realistic budget. Sure, if you choose to buy a log cabin kit with the team to build it – all you need to do, just ask for a quote for your chosen log house plan.

Don’t forget to calculate government approval taxes, land cost & log cabin interior furnishing prices. Most of the time, people forget about the inside of the log house.

#3 Location

Many times the location of the log cabin is a very personal decision but should also be determined by some practical factors. Sometimes the land location isn’t the right to build on, o perhaps there are no utility lines to connect to.

If you already own the land where you want to build a log cabin, probably the best solution is to speak with professionals, who can see your situation through expert vision. However, if you’re going to purchase land to place your cabin on, make sure it is fit for your purpose.

Later in our blog, we will help you to determine your area and will provide a full breakdown of things to consider.

#4 Design

All too often, we hear from people in a construction phase only to realize halfway through that they missed something out of their design. The design and planning stage is the most important stage of building your log home. Don’t skip over this step, because later it will cost you more money. Soon we are going to start our guides, how to plan log cabin interior, so all you need to do is just follow us here or on social media!

Pss.. little secret – we started a collaboration with some interior designers, so you’re going to get more and more inspirational tips!

#5 Quality tools

If you decide to rely on yourself when building a log cabin from scratch or DIY kit invest in multi-functional tools. Usually, people invest in “specialty” tooling which typically is only used once. Later we are going to make a guide with what tools you need and comparisons.

#6 Resource list

If you’re building a log cabin by yourself, just one off measurement or one missing tool can put your build on hold for weeks. Creating a full list of materials and resources for a log cabin project is an important step. We will try to cover this part later in our next posts, however, if you decided to buy a log cabin kit – we have done all the measurements for you. Everything you need just tools and one more mate to help you out.

#7 Timeline

Usually, the preparation and construction phase of your log house build can take between 3-9 months. Timing the start of your construction can be very important for the weather/season interference, timber cutting, and building conditions. A common mistake made by the first-time log cabin builder is they disregard when the start and end of the construction period should be.

It is another case when you buy a log cabin kit or order full construction. Usually, this service takes 12-15 weeks from your order. Just keep in mind, that in NSW you must get council approval for amenities under 25m³, so all paperwork must be done, before construction.