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Roofing & Flooring

FREE     19mm floor and roof boards


Built from the finest quality Scandinavian spruce with wall sizes of 44mm. Ready to Assemble, then Seal and Paint.

All our houses are made of kiln-dried pine and spruce. The production process involves several stages of wood processing and preparation for final inspection and packing. The products we make are completely finished in the factory and requires no extra processing


Floor bearers 44mm x60mm pressure treated.


We produce our own doors and windows and only use laminated pine and spruce in our production. Our doors and windows are of excellent quality. We don’t produce ”economy class” as some of our competitors do. We produce only Living type Premium quality doors and windows that always delivered with ISO glass.

FREE     Laminated timber doors & windows


We produce our own doors and windows and only use laminated pine and spruce in our production. Our doors and windows are of excellent quality. We don’t produce ”economy class” as some of our competitors do. We produce only Living type Premium quality doors and windows that always delivered with ISO glass.

FREE     Laminated timber doors & windows

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Garden Log Cabin "Mallorca WC" 5m x 4m $25,750

This cabin qualifies for our Prise Promise
*Inclusive of basic delivery fee for a Sydney metro delivery. Other areas may attract a delivery surcharge.
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For beginners who are looking to get started with log cabins, Mallorca Garden Log Cabin is a great option. It is a simple and practical design which offers single room accommodation with added storage room or potential bathroom! This single room accommodation can be used for resting and relaxation after a hard day or it can also be used to store equipment like bicycles and other tools as an additional storage area. It is a perfect granny flat that can convert an empty backyard space into a quiet retreat! Or maybe you require a backyard gym or a home office? This is a perfect space that has many options!

Given its size, it can be installed almost anywhere and can comfortably fit within your budget. This can easily be retrofitted to any need as it takes up very little space. We offer a 5 year warranty on all products and this is no exception.

All our cabins are delivered complete with a DIY KIT required to build them.


Please provide postcode and suburb for delivery to receive an accurate quote

Log House"Mallorca WC 5x4"
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FROM $800

Our cabins are sold in natural wood colour, so interior and exterior painting are entirely your choice. Our painting team is always ready to paint the exterior and interior of the cabin in the colours you want. The price depends on the size of the cabin, the choice of paint and the urgency. We always discuss this with you before making a final proposal.


FROM $2050

Our cabins are sold as flat packs, so everyone with a bit of help can build them! Should you require, our team is always ready to do all the work for you. For a small fee, your log cabin will be fully assembled and the keys handed to you. The cost of assembly depends on the size of the cabin, so we discuss this with our customers beforehand. Price does not include electrical, plumbing, painting, or any kitchen or bathroom fixtures or fittings.

Cabin Foundation

FROM $890

Does the log cabin need foundations? Of course! And our customers have a few different options (concrete & wood piers), that's why we are leaving this service as an option. You can do it by yourself or let us do the job for you. The starting price is for a concrete foundation, but if you want wood piers we are happy to oblige. That's why we recommend to contact us first to discuss your needs!

Log Cabin For a Getaway

Everyone needs an escape from the routine monotony of everyday life. Having your own private log cabin space can give you just the break that you are looking for. These cabins are easy to install and can be set up almost anywhere. Whether you want to utilize your backyard space or want to spend time in the wilderness, a log cabin is a perfect option.

To have your cabin personalized to your liking for a perfect getaway, there are a number of things that you can do such as:

  • Comfortable bed
    With a bed, you can bring the comfort of your home to your log cabin. Whether it is a DIY kit or a ready made solution, there are a number of cost effective options available today when it comes to beds.
  • Coffee table and furniture
    Make your log cabin more efficient and compartmentalized using furniture. Pallet wood furniture is the most cost effective option that is easy to assemble and install. They are rustic looking and go well with the theme of the log cabin making them a must-have addition.
  • Basic appliances
    To make your stay in the cabin more comfortable and convenient, you can add a number of appliances including a mini-fridge, television, AC unit, and much more.
  • Kitchen and bathroom space
    Add functionality to your cabin by creating a kitchen/bathroom space.

Backyard Office

A log cabin backyard office is a perfect option if you want your own private workspace without having to invest too much money. Whether you are an employee, writer, artist, or just running your own business, a backyard office can help you save a ton of money and time. They can be set up in less than a day, helping you to get to work almost immediately, and make the most of your time and money. Additionally, working in your backyard office is more comfortable and convenient than commuting to a company office or workspace.

There are a number of things that you can do to improve productivity from your log cabin home office such as:

  • Choose the right furniture
    You can choose your own furniture to your liking through DIY kits or buy ready made solutions when it comes to furnishing your backyard office. You can set up your office with a comfortable desk complete with storage compartments and working area. Additionally, you can even set up extra couches and tables for guests.
  • Basic utilities
    Have all the convenience of a company office in your log cabin backyard space by equipping it with internet connectivity, power supply, water supply, and much more.

Man Cave

After a long day of work, wouldn’t it be perfect to have your own space to relax and unwind? That is exactly what a man cave is for. The trend of having a man cave is becoming increasingly popular and is specifically designed for men who want their own space. Here are a few of the endless possibilities that you can enjoy from your log cabin man cave:

  • Game room
    Having a game room space is a perfect escape to spend time and unwind after a stressful day. You can set up pool tables, ping pong tables, arcade games, and other games including darts, chess, shuffleboard, and much more.
  • A private bar
    You can set up a fully equipped bar complete with stools, furniture, and storage with just a few extra bucks in your man cave. Bar stools and countertops are available both as DIY kits and ready made furniture that you can get at great deals making it a must have addition to the man cave.
  • Just a place to relax
    By just adding a coffee table and a recliner, the possibilities are endless in the man cave. You can read a book, watch a movie, take a nap, or just daydream your blues away.
  • A private theatre
    Always wanted your own private home theatre? A log cabin man cave is the perfect place to bring your dreams into a life.

And much more! A man retreat is a private space for you that you can customize to your liking and preferences. Whether you just want to watch the game peacefully or want to hang out with your friends for a quick beer, a log cabin man cave is a must-have for every man.