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Our Garage log cabins are a natural extension of your living space, be it at your home or at a holiday house, far from the madding crowd, or deep within the hinterland or close to the beach. They have been built keeping you and your needs in mind. We can get them designed for a variety of end uses, depending upon the number of cars and bikes and other stuff you have. We always keep in mind the other items which can be stored in your garage such as your kid's bicycles and your repair kits for various household items as well as tools and recreational equipment. We not only manufacture high quality garage log cabins, we also ensure that we are able to transport them in the safest and most cost efficient manner to most locations within Australia. We have a proven track record in making the package secure so that you receive our kit with no need for concern about possible breakages and / or missing parts.

As always, we use the best possible materials to manufacture our garage log cabins. We also offer a palette of different finishes to ensure that the cabin is durable whilst also blending in with the rest of your home or office. Not only is it easy to order from us, we take anywhere between just a few days to a week, to deliver depending upon location. We have a very experienced crew who can set it up for you within 2-4 days, depending upon favorable weather and also the land being level. We also offer various customization options for you such as your choice of windows, security systems for your garage as well as ability to add extensions if you need space for more cars as well as motorbikes. We can also alter the shape of the garage depending upon the approach road and ultimately, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure that we meet your expectations.

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Shane Macken

Great to deal with, always customer oriented and provide a great product at very reasonable prices compared to their competitors.
John Mcmillan

Purchased the cabin & agreed to build myself. First time doing this but with the way cabin was delivered & instructions it’s very easy for a novice.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Loghouses AU to anyone that's thinking of building this way. We were very impressed with the service we received!