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What are the benefits of a log cabin?

There are many benefits to choosing a log cabin. One of the main reasons families and couples choose a log cabin over a traditional brick home is for the rustic style. The timber is attractive and creates a relaxing atmosphere, whether you are looking for a summer getaway home, or even a space for working and retreating from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Of course, being made from timber means that log cabins are long-lasting and are able to deal with Australian weather. Our assembly kits are made for people who want to build their log cabins themselves and they come with detailed instructions. We offer a best price and quality guarantee at Log Houses Australia. Building a log cabin is more affordable, it is also a lot more efficient to run it. With thermal mass, log cabins are able to maintain a comfortable temperature in your new home no matter what the season is.

Do I need planning approval for a log cabin?

This will depend on the location of your log cabin and if your new log home is over 20 sq meters, it will be your responsibility to get approval to build it. If you are choosing a log cabin under 20 sq meters, whether it is a garden log cabin or a log garage, you may be able to build this freely on your own property, but we do recommend to check with your local council as this varies from area to area.

What is the delivery time for a log cabin?

The delivery time of your new log cabin is 11 to 16 weeks. This process ensures that your model is designed to a high quality standard and prepared with the correct building plans. While timeframe of delivery can change depending on the season and logistics, we will always try to deliver your new log cabin as quickly as possible and at a time that suits you.

What maintenance is involved with a log cabin?

Regular maintenance will ensure that your log cabin stands the test of time and looks just as attractive as the day that it was first built. It is recommended that any log cabin that you choose is treated and painted to protect against water and moisture. In addition, having a coating on timber will protect from damaging UV radiation. We also recommend painting window frames from the inside too.

Can I construct the cabin myself?

Yes, if you are a handy person with tools, then construction is relatively easy. You will need 2 people to put up the main structure and flat packs under 20 should take no more than 2-4 days to complete after the footings are done. We provide all construction details with a log cabin kit. You could also hire your own labour for the job. Alternatively, we also have all the professionals to do the job for you.

Do our cabin kits come with plumbing and electricity?

No: All Kitchens, plumbing, bathrooms and electrical are not included in the cabin kit price.

Our Warranties

Our products have a 5-year warranty. We provide a 5-year warranty for our services as well.

For DIY projects we provide a 5-year warranty on materials.

Warranty Terms:
Cabins, houses, garages and gazebos must be assembled in accordance to manufacturers instructions and on a level foundation suitable for the product.

Cabins, houses, garages and gazebos must be treated with suitable timber oil and/or paint within 48 hours of assembly and in accordance with the oil/paint manufacturer recommendations and instructions. Repeated treatments and frequency of treatments are required as per oil/paint manufacturer recommendations and instructions.

Log Houses Australia will not accept any liability for any damages due to incorrectly assembled, poor foundation or improper/infrequent maintenance. 

What are log cabins made from?

Log cabins are made from timber, which is a natural building material that will last a long time. We use Scandinavian Spruce for all of our log cabins, which is a high-quality material. It is perfect for the Australian weather and Scandinavian Spruce looks amazing and creates a rustic style that couples and families love.

Do you provide required paperwork?

The cabins are supplied as flat pack kits, which still require a roof and foundation. If we are engaged in building the cabin for you, we will provide all build components and documents where required. If you purchase the cabin as 'DIY', the documentation requirements will depend on your local council and will be your responsibility to obtain while working with a builder and/or planner/certifier/engineer.

If there are specific requirements from council, we can manufacture the cabin to suit and provide required evidence - this may not be possible for cabins that are already in stock and may require local modification (ie wind braces for high wind areas).

Are Log Cabins more enivronmentaly friendly than traditional houses?

Absolutely, and that is why everyone loves log cabins. They generally use less synthetic materials in the building process that conventional homes and this means that they are also quicker to build. In addition, the timber that is used is a natural resource and this definitely makes log cabins more energy efficient. What’s more, a log cabin will last for many years.

Is it different to build a log cabin?

As one of the best log cabin suppliers in Australia, we pride ourselves on offering log cabins that are ready to be built. We will provide you with a fantastic kit that you can build yourself with the help of a friend. We give you detailed plans that you can follow and this will allow you to build your log cabin before you know it. You won’t need the help of any professionals or local builders to get your new timber home up and ready to enjoy.

How long will a log cabin last?

You can choose any of the log cabins from Log Houses Australia and know they are made from the highest quality materials. They are built to last and stand the test of time. As long as they are looked after and regularly maintained - you can expect it to last many years. 

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