Creative Ideas To Design Your Man Cave

Man caves are an increasingly popular trend among men as a place to relax and blow off steam. They are rooms or spaces specifically designed to be used as a place to relax or spend time. Any unused room or space can be turned into a man cave including garages, spare rooms, guest rooms, attics, cabins, among others.

A log cabin is a perfect option if you are considering building a man cave. It is more private and secluded thus letting you customise and personalise it just the way you like it. Each person has different preferences and likings. The general rule of thumb while designing a man cave is to incorporate your ideas and hobbies efficiently.  Here are some of the top creative ideas that can help you convert your log cabin into a man cave:

Pallet Bar

A log cabin man cave is not complete without a bar counter and space to store your drinks and glasses. A pallet bar is one of the cost-effective and creative options in such cases. They are available as readymade furniture or DIY kits. As pallet bars can be built and installed with as low as $10, they are a must-have collection in your man cave. Additionally, pallet furniture such as bar stools, compartments, and drawers can be easily added without incurring many expenses. You can also add liquor dispensers, bottle holders, and other similar attachments to make your pallet bar more functional and enjoyable.

Wine barrel sink

If you are considering to make your log cabin man cave more rustic and appealing, a wine barrel sink would be a perfect option. You can make a fully functional sink from an old used barrel or a newly purchased wine barrel. They perfectly blend in with the log cabin making it a perfect addition to your kitchen or bathroom space.

Arcade Games

Old-fashioned arcade games are a great fit for log cabin man caves. As they can cost as little as $100, they are a relatively in-expensive addition. You can get great deals on them through online stores or auctions. Not only do they look great for the man cave, but you can also spend hours playing on the arcade games.

Hidden Pool table

A pool table can brighten up your man cave and provide hours of entertainment with your friends. However, they can take up a lot of space in your log cabin. In such cases, a multi-function pool table is a perfect solution. When not using the pool table, you can slide an additional wooden cover on top to transform it into a regular table. Additionally, some hidden pool tables also have customizations that can let you play ping pong and other similar games. They are a must-have in your collection if you are looking to create a gaming space in your log cabin man cave.

Liquor bottle lights

Not sure what to do with your old liquor bottles? Convert them into useful creative lighting solutions for your log cabin. They can also be brought from online stores for as low as a couple of bucks.

Pallet wood shelves

This is a useful addition to your log cabin man cave that can help you reduce clutter and create efficient storage spaces. They look rustic and masculine making it a perfect addition to the log cabin man cave. You can use gas pipes, metal rods, and other similar items along with pallet wood blocks to create rustic looking shelves. 

Tire Tables

Tire table for man cave

Need extra tables for your log cabin but short on budget? A tire table is a perfect solution. Just stack a couple of tires on top of each other and place a wooden or metal top to cover it. It is a perfect makeshift table and an ideal choice for a log cabin man cave.

With just a little effort and tools, you can brighten up your log cabin man cave space exactly how you like it.


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