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We believe that building with natural wood is the way to go. Log Houses Australia selected a manufacturer that follows strict sourcing ethics. We are passionate about living in harmony with the environment.
By looking after our forests, we help endangered species, protect medicinal plants, food and our ecosystem. Wood is more carbon and energy efficient in comparison to other building materials, but it is critical to source wood that is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).

Our Customer Reviews
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Shane Macken

Great to deal with, always customer oriented and provide a great product at very reasonable prices compared to their competitors.
John Mcmillan

Purchased the cabin & agreed to build myself. First time doing this but with the way cabin was delivered & instructions it’s very easy for a novice.
Beriya Satta

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Loghouses AU to anyone that's thinking of building this way. We were very impressed with the service we received!

Log Cabin - Your Space Solution
Easy. Affordable. Hassle-free.

Log cabins are becoming increasingly popular with couples and families wanting to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Whether this means a holiday house or an all-year round home, log cabins are going to provide an environmentally friendly and energy efficient property that you are going to love. Having a log cabin takes advantage of timbers thermal mass, which is its natural property. This means that the walls can absorb the heat and the cold to keep the temperature inside your log cabin comfortable no matter what the season is.
Log cabins are an inexpensive way to build an extension to your property or holiday home. You can use it for a teenage retreat, guest room, backyard or fitness studio, music room or even a backyard office. We have plenty of examples on how you could customise the interior of your cabin to suit your needs. They are easy to assemble, and you can build it yourself by following our DIY instructions.

Log cabins at Log Houses Australia are made from high quality materials, they are strong, durable and built to last. Your new log cabin will arrive in a flat pack that is ready to be assembled by following detailed DIY instructions.

There are cabins of different shapes and sizes so that you can enjoy a space that suits your needs and budget, from a more affordable to a luxury cabin.

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