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Have you always dreamed about having your own log cabin? Now you can make your dream a reality with Log Houses Australia. We are one of the best log cabin suppliers in Australia, with over five years of experience working with timber homes and makes sure that our customers are a priority.

We strive to provide the best price and exceptional quality when it comes to garden log cabins, residential log cabins, log garages, and office log cabins. In fact, we guarantee it. You can browse through our log houses today!

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Why it's easy with us? Leave your Cabin worries to us

Each of our customers is unique. Therefore, our qualified specialists thoroughly examine your needs in order to offer the best solutions for a backyard cabin. That’s why we have multiple channels to speak with you before making decisions. You can speak to us directly through online chat, email or call direct to our specialist.

We are ready to offer you log cabin kits (for DIY) or a full package of services, which includes not only assembly but insulation, painting, and log houses foundations as well.

It is easy as 1-2-3! You can order through the order form in each product page. Our friendly team will contact you shortly to update details with you! Alternatively, you can email us, or give us a call!

Our Specialists will help you with all technical, financial and legal details. Got quick question? Do not hesitate to write just here - online chat specialists is always ready!

It takes 9-11 weeks to manufacture the cabin elements at our factory, according to the prepared log house design. The cabins are prepared in such a way so as to ensure the minimum time consumption during the assembly and construction of a log cabin in a place chosen by the customer. This process ensures that your model is designed to a high quality and prepared with the correct building plans. 

We offer Free delivery in NSW territory & paid delivery to other AU territories. Therefore, delivery time extends up to 3-4 weeks after your log cabin kit is prepared in our factory. Our portable structures can be delivered into very tight locations even with difficult access.

We are ready to offer a full building service for your order. That means we have all tools and team, which will assembly log house in your place till the lock-up stage. For larger log houses, council approval apply - don't worry, our specialists will help you out!

From early order until you get your log cabin keys - no stress, no headache. Just watching the process. 

Our customers' reviews Our priority to make you happy

Shane Mcken

Great to deal with, always customer oriented and provide a great product at very reasonable prices compared to their competitors.
John Mcmillan

Purchased the cabin & agreed to build myself. First time doing this but with the way cabin was delivered & instructions it’s very easy for a novice.

I'd have no hesitation in recommending Loghouses AU to anyone that's thinking of building this way. We were very impressed with the service we received!

Residential Log Cabins

If you would like a summer home or a place for a weekend getaway, you will love the residential log cabins that we have. There are models with one or two bedrooms and even two storey log houses for larger groups. In fact, you can reside in a residential log cabin all year round! They are warm and comfortable, as well as their timber construction making them attractive and long-lasting.

Backyard Cabins

Outdoor rooms that you can call your own and retreat to during the day, check out the garden log cabins that we have online. You can finally have your own space that is peaceful and quiet for relaxing and enjoying nature or even for gardening. Timber is known for its notice-canceling effect that really will create a space to unwind and enjoy the serenity. They are designed to be the right size for your outdoor garden and even have front porches for making the most of the weather.

Log Garages

Do you want a safe place to park your car and protect your vehicle from the elements? Now you can with a log garage. This becomes a shelter where you can park your car in the garage safely, as well as a carport for shade. You can also use the garage for storage and to enhance the style of your property. What’s more, having a log garage can even bring down your insurance!

Log cabin - Your Space Solution Easy. Affordable. Hassle-free.

Log cabins are becoming increasingly popular with couples and families wanted to enjoy a rustic getaway. Whether this means a summer house or an all-year-round home, log cabins are going to provide an environmentally friendly and energy efficient property that you are going to love. Having a log cabin takes advantage of the natural properties of timber, such as having thermal mass. This means that the log walls are able to absorb heat and energy to keep the temperature inside your log cabin comfortable no matter what the season is.

Log cabins are also popular because they are an inexpensive way to build an extension to your property or summer home. You can use it for a teenage retreat, guest room, backyard studio, music room or even backyard office. We have plenty of examples, of how you could use space in our log cabins interior. Not only are they more affordable, but they are also easier to build and you can do it all yourself without having to spend more money on builders or professionals. Our log cabins are designed with you in mind.

All of our log cabins at Log Houses Australia are made from high-quality materials, which not only look attractive but are also strong and durable for a long-lasting home. Your new log cabin will arrive in a pack that is ready to assemble, with detailed DIY plans that you can follow to have your new space designed in one working day. This means that you can build your log cabin by yourself and you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you.

Of course, there are kits of all different shapes and sizes so that you can enjoy a log cabin that suits your needs and budget. Whether you are looking for an affordable model or a luxury cabin, we have everything that you could ever want at Log Houses Australia. Plus, a lot of our models come included with free floor insulation, roof shingle tiles and even laminated timber doors and windows, which means that you can enjoy having more for less.

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